Show Notes

Air Date: 9/12/2023

Encore Episode 36: Lieutenant Tim Cotton, Bangor Police Department

As The PR Maven® Podcast celebrates 5 years, we are rereleasing our two most popular episodes of all time, episode 36 and episode 60, both with special guest, Tim Cotton. Whether you have been listening to The PR Maven® Podcast consistently from the beginning or you are a more recent or occasional listener, we hope you enjoy these encore episodes as we build up to the release of a new episode with Tim coming out on September 26! Let’s get excited!  

In episode 36, Nancy recorded her first episode with Tim Cotton. At the time, Tim was a lieutenant with the Bangor Police Department who became well-known for managing the department’s Facebook page. He joined the police force in the late 1980s, became a detective in 2001 and in 2014 became the public information officer. He found himself the recipient of Facebook attention and adoration from fans around the country, and the world, who follow the Facebook page to read Tim’s insightful, humorous posts.  

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