In this episode of The PR Maven® Podcast, Nancy hosts Carolyn Delaney, founder and CEO of Journey Enterprises. Carolyn shares her transformative journey from leading IT departments to founding a media company dedicated to making recovery from addiction visible and reducing stigma through inspiring stories, resources and community events. Journey Enterprises, primarily through its print magazine and various engagements, seeks to offer hope and practical insights into the multiplicity of recovery paths beyond traditional programs like AA. Carolyn discusses her deep-rooted mission to spread awareness and accessibility of recovery options, her vision for a world that celebrates recovery, and how personal branding and strategic PR have been instrumental in amplifying her message and building a supportive community around Journey’s mission.

00:00 Introduction to The PR Maven® Podcast
00:43 Special Guest: Carolyn Delaney’s Journey and Mission
01:57 Carolyn’s Career Shift and the Birth of Journey Enterprises
05:39 The Impact of Personal Branding and The PR Maven’s Influence
10:20 Utilizing Public Relations for Social Impact
13:55 Building a Community Around Recovery
23:09 The Power of Print in a Digital Age
28:05 How to Connect with Journey Magazine
29:18 Closing Thoughts and Contact Information

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About Carolyn

Carolyn Delaney is the visionary founder and CEO of Journey Enterprises, a pioneering media company dedicated to making recovery from addiction visible and accessible in everyday places. With a remarkable career transition from leading IT departments to championing recovery stories, Carolyn brings a wealth of experience and a deep personal connection to the mission. Her leadership at Journey Enterprises encompasses producing a celebrated print magazine, organizing community events, and engaging in vital speaking engagements to promote a message of hope and diminish the stigma around addiction. Having witnessed the transformative power of sharing recovery stories and resources, Carolyn aims to create a world where recovery paths are well-known and celebrated, inspiring others with her optimistic, mission-driven approach.

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