In this podcast episode, host Nancy interviews Lisa Steele, the founder of Fresh Eggs Daily and a fifth-generation chicken keeper, about her journey from a career on Wall Street to becoming an authority on backyard chicken keeping and her recent pivot to the culinary world. Lisa shares insights into her childhood, her initial hesitance towards chickens, and how she turned her passion into a successful brand with a massive following, multiple best-selling books, and a television show. The conversation also delves into Lisa’s strategic approach to personal branding, the importance of building a solid foundation beyond social media, her tips on avoiding burnout, and exploring new projects like a second cookbook and another season of her TV show. Additionally, Lisa talks about the significance of directly connecting with her audience through an email list and provides advice on building and maintaining a strong brand. 

00:00 Welcome to the Podcast: A Chat with Lisa Steele 

01:36 The Journey from Chicken Keeping to Cookbook Author 

03:31 Diving into the Culinary World: From Chickens to Cookbooks 

05:34 Personal Branding and the Power of Connection 

07:52 Navigating Business Success and the Importance of Pivoting 

08:35 Exploring Future Dreams and Expanding Horizons 

11:18 The Strategic Approach to Blogging and Social Media 

12:42 The Value of an Email List in Direct Marketing 

16:25 The Art of Avoiding Burnout and Embracing Change 

21:53 Considering the Future: Potential Sale and Brand Evolution 

26:20 Final Thoughts and How to Connect with Lisa Steele


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About Lisa

Lisa Steele is a fifth-generation chicken keeper, author, and founder of Fresh Eggs Daily. With nearly a million followers worldwide, Lisa has been dubbed the queen of the coop and is known for her expertise in raising backyard chickens. She has written several top-selling books on raising backyard poultry and recently released her debut cookbook, the Fresh Eggs Daily Cookbook. Lisa’s career transitioned from chicken keeping to the culinary world through her passion for natural preventives and herbs, and she continues to focus on product development and brand marketing.