By Abbey Violette


Last week, I formatted and sent out the monthly e-newsletter: The Marshall Report, with this month focusing on empathy at work and featuring Relationship Manager Emma Dimock’s family apple crisp recipe using apples from their orchard, North Star Orchard. Be sure to subscribe to The Marshall Report for the latest PR and marketing news and a recipe from the team each month!

In addition, I completed the internal monthly reports to analyze Marshall Communications’ social media platforms and The PR Maven® Podcast. I completed the podcast show notes, created the audiogram and posted the social media promotions for Episode 202: “3 Ways To Help Your Hiring Process.” I also wrote social media posts for two clients: one set promoted a client that appeared on a podcast, and the other was a schedule of relevant content for the client’s Facebook page.

Since last week, I have learned the importance of a business’ culture. As Nancy recently stated in September’s issue of The Marshall Report, “I feel that empathy is one of the most valuable skills in business because it allows you to put yourself in another person’s shoes and feel what they are feeling.” When those in a business practice empathy, they are helping to create a culture that is based on listening to problem solve, which will lead to employee empowerment and overall, a culture people will want to work in. In addition, as outlined in the latest PR Maven® episode, the younger generations who are entering the workforce are shown to gravitate towards companies whose corporate values match their own, and who showcase their social impact.

Stay tuned next week to read more about what it is like to be an intern at Marshall Communications, and what I am learning!

September 13, 2022