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3 Valuable PR Lessons To Learn From Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has been everywhere, and her omnipresence provides valuable lessons for the entire public relations industry. In PR, we dream of making our clients a hot commodity. Swift’s success is essentially PR at its finest.

To Be A Successful Entrepreneur, You Need A Strong Network—Here’s Why

These days, headlines like “How to be an entrepreneur” are a dime a dozen. While there is no silver bullet, one thing is clear: Entrepreneurs take pride in building a strong network, which leads to a strong personal brand.

How to Conquer Imposter Syndrome by Shifting Your Mindset

Keynote speaker Kris Kelso explains how imposter syndrome can limit your personal and professional growth — and shares a strategy for overcoming it.

PR Strategies to Improve Sales

Connect with your target audience, build brand credibility and ultimately boost your sales with public relations. Here are eight tips to help you achieve your goals.

How to Breathe Storytelling into Your Brand With Mads Hanna

Founder and CEO of curated compass, Mads Hanna, explains the importance of storytelling in business branding.

Podcasting Is Growing For A Reason—Don’t Miss Out On That Growth

Podcasting is a way for people to have meaningful conversations that can then be shared with a target audience. In the end, podcasting comes down to relationship management. It’s a part of the relationship business, and the best podcasters serve as connectors who build bonds with the people around them.

Is the Press Release Dead? You Might Be Surprised at the Answer

Jody Fisher, VP of Public Relations at Austin Williams, explains why the press release remains a key strategy in PR.

Traditional Media Is The ‘OG’ Influencer

There’s more to PR than the digital universe. The ultimate influencer for PR practitioners to leverage is still traditional media. Professionals in the field need to be creative about promoting their clients in other ways. The original way—and still the most important way—comes down to traditional media.

10 Things Business Professionals Can Learn From Queen Elizabeth II

Over the decades, Queen Elizabeth taught us many valuable lessons. Here are 10 things that professionals can learn from her seven-decade reign.

For A Successful Client-Agency Relationship, Engagement Is Key

Work with enough clients, and you realize what works and what doesn’t. In my experience, engagement is key.