Marshall Communications Recipe Videos Goals:

Create social media content that inspires more views and engagement.

Help boost Marshall Communication’s (MC) food-based clients’ brands.

Demonstrate our expertise in creating engaging social content.

Marshall Communications Cooking Videos Apple Pie Macarons

Situation Analysis:

In July 2020, Marshall Communications’ team decided to increase user engagement across our social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, by creating a recipe video series. The agency’s content creator, Anna McDermott, filmed herself sharing seasonal recipes in her home. Whenever appropriate, she would incorporate Maine-based ingredients or ingredients from MC’s clients.


MC posted weekly videos across numerous social platforms with appropriate hashtags. Often the recipes coincided with a national food holiday, like National Brownie Day. They boosted two posts in the early weeks to help gain attention. They pitched local news programs the videos when there was a newsworthy angle.


Across all social media accounts in the year since MC began to post the recipe videos, users increased.

Facebook Likes increased from 971 to 989. Views went from 31 views on average to 162 views on average (only including organic views). Recipe videos had an average of 17.6 total engagements per post while other posts during the same period had an average of 1.7 total engagements per post.

Marshall Communications Cooking Videos Sauerkraut & Kielbasa Bake

Instagram followers increased from 174 to 212. The recipe videos on Instagram had an average of 1.083 comments per post, while other posts during the same time period had an average of 0.242 comments per post.

Twitter followers increased from 806 to 821.

Pinterest went from 1.73 views on average to 2,149 views on average.

The American Lung Association asked Marshall Communications to create cooking videos for their social media channels to help increase engagement and enthusiasm for the 2021 Trek Across Maine. One of the videos was featured in WGME’s 207 news program.

MC pitched recipe videos to NewsCenter Maine and the videos were featured four times during the year.