In late 2013, it was announced on the Today Show that the mobile application Instagram had become the fastest growing social media platform for young people. As public relations professionals, this photo- and video-based social networking site has been on our radar screen for quite a while now.

Instagram functions similarly to Twitter but you don't have to click on a link to access imagery; the imagery is the focus. It also lacks the ability to pin images to user-created themed “boards” that Pinterest offers its users.

Finally, Instagram limits video clips to 15 seconds or less. Users connect with people they know and others that share common interests by following their Instagram posts, which appear in chronological order in a feed. Hashtags are used a lot on Instagram, making it easy to search for video and pictures related to specific topics.

Instagram is a great platform for hosting photography contests. Instagram photo contests can provide your company with a nice library of photos you are then able to share on other social media sites. A specifically designated hashtag can be used to group photographic entries together.