Personal Branding

Before the internet, only celebrities needed to worry about personal branding.

Now, reputation management should be on everyone’s radar screen. Your personal brand is your most valuable asset. It can open doors or, if not managed well, can impede your professional growth and prevent your ability to secure new business.

Reach Certified Personal Branding StrategistNMC can help you protect and build your personal brand. A starting point is often the creation of a personal brand manifesto, a specialty of NMC CEO and founder Nancy Marshall. A personal brand manifesto is your story: who you are, what you represent, and how you came to be who you are today. It goes much deeper than a standard biography. The personal brand manifesto sets the stage for how you will consciously and intentionally present yourself to everyone you interact with in your professional life, both face-to-face and through social media.

Our agency also offers ongoing reputation management services to its clients. In addition to recommending speaking engagements, professional endeavors, and networking opportunities that will enhance your personal brand, we will continually monitor your online reputation, analyzing what people are saying about you on the web, what comes up when your name is entered into search engines, and how your social media image correlates with your personal brand manifesto.

NMC also proactively implements strategies to improve and elevate your online reputation through content creation and social media.