Marketing Funnels

Marketing Funnel for ROI

Marketing funnels are highly effective in identifying high-probability prospects and turning them into customers.

Here’s a basic definition of how it works: you identify those that perceive value for what you have to offer through marketing initiatives that promote those offerings and drive prospects to your website. They wouldn’t have come to the website if they didn’t perceive value for what you have to offer, right?

Next, you offer an incentive your target audiences will appreciate in exchange for their contact information. Those that provide that contact information and opt in are your high probability prospects. Because they’ve already shown they have interest in what you have to offer, you'll spend less money and less time converting them into customers.

The process continues with additional exclusive information or opportunities being offered in exchange for an opt-in, maintaining interest, building trust and value, and ultimately generating new sales.

NMC is a master of the marketing funnel process. We have used it to significantly increase revenues and sales prospects for our clients. Another great feature of marketing funnels is the cost to implement them is generally low and the return on investment tends to be very high.