Radio Advertising

Radio advertising is appealing to many of our clients because of its high-reach, low-cost and highly-targetable nature.

We maximize impact by working with you to develop distinctive offers, catchy phrasing and unique jingles related to what you are promoting. We then work with local radio stations to produce and record your advertisements at a low cost or no cost. For those with larger budgets, we will partner with a production studio to develop your ads. We also offer our own in-house voice-over talent.

When it comes to airing your radio ads, we know the Maine radio market very well. We know which stations produce the best results, and which stations work best when marketing to specific age groups, socio-economic groups, and other demographics.

We also work diligently on your behalf to secure competitive pricing and extras like the opportunity to introduce or sponsor a particular radio segment as well as hosting contests and on-air giveaways.

You’ll also know if your radio campaign is working. Measurement tools such as IfByPhone enable us to determine exactly how many customer queries were generated as a result of your ad.