Responsibility Initiative

Maine Beer & Wine Distributors Association

Partnering with an Olympian to Teach Maine Youth the Importance of Responsibility


  • Build widespread recognition of American luger and Maine resident Julia Clukey as the spokesperson for the Maine Beer & Wine Distributors Association's Responsibility initiative
  • Generate media coverage in Augusta, Maine’s state capital, to better educate legislators about the initiative
  • Increase the number of presentations Clukey was making to Maine high schools to share the responsibility message with a greater number of local youths
  • Create a statewide public service announcement campaign to boost awareness of the association's responsibility initiative and Julia's role as spokesperson

Situation Analysis:

The Maine Beer and Wine Distributors Association and NMC created a responsibility initiative featuring spokesperson Olympian Julia Clukey to encourage local youth to act responsibly while also establishing a positive image for the association within Maine.

The campaign got off to a great start, and after a strong first year, NMC was tasked with bringing it to the next level. The agency would also be helping to promote an exciting new extension of the campaign, a 10-day summer camp for girls hosted by Clukey through the Kennebec Valley YMCA.


NMC drafted a series of public service announcements (PSAs) about making responsible choices when it comes to alcohol and worked with Clukey to record them. The PSAs were aired during Labor Day, the holiday season, and Super Bowl weekend, as well as prom and graduation season, times when both adults and youth are faced with making decisions related to alcohol consumption. 

To help fit the PSA recording schedule and additional high school presentations into Clukey’s schedule, which was already packed with travel, training and competition commitments, NMC began set up a calendar for Clukey that could be accessed by both parties over the Internet to get real-time information about her availability.

To help elevate awareness of the responsibility campaign, NMC arranged for Clukey to be honored at several large sporting events for her role in the initiative. Media coverage was proactively generated for these presentations as well as the presentations she continued to make around the state. The agency helped the association reach elected officials, and beer and wine industry contacts with the responsibility message by including regular updates about the campaign in the association’s e-newsletter.

NMC was also successful in generating widespread exposure for the new summer camp program. The agency coordinated the announcement about the camp, which included creating a full-color brochure that was distributed through local elementary schools to more than 1,000 young females across central Maine. It then organized a series of television and radio interviews for Clukey while using the Olympian’s website and Facebook page as additional means of spreading the word.


That year, Clukey was interviewed more than 50 times about the responsibility initiative, resulting in more than 200 minutes of air time on local television and radio stations and generating more than 500 column inches of print media coverage. On average, Clukey was interviewed about the responsibility initiative every 7.3 days. The PSAs aired on more than 30 radio stations across Maine a total of 1,785 times, generating an additional 892 minutes of air time for the initiative.

NMC also helped Clukey secure a total of eight high school presentations, enabling her to reach more than 3,000 high school students, more than double the number of youths she spoke to the prior year.

The camp had originally planned to host 60 girls. It received more than 94 registrations and had to start a waiting list.