Promoting Inland Maine

Maine Office of Tourism

Inland Maine is an often-overlooked part of the state, with more media attention being focused on the coast. When Nancy Marshall Communications (NMC) was approached on behalf of the Maine Office of Tourism by a travel writer who wanted to do a press trip focusing on this part of the state, from its most southern part to the Canadian border, it was recognized as an opportunity to garner some much-needed PR and increase visibility of these lesser known destinations.

Inland Maine itinerary map

In order to cover much of inland Maine, NMC designed an 11-day itinerary that would take travel writer Malerie Yolen-Cohen from Newfield, up to Madawaska, and down to Fryeburg, visiting scenic landmarks, museums, local treasures and more along the way.

Yolen-Cohen has a blog,, and writes for She also does her own photography, so her articles would be visually appealing and a photographer wouldn’t have to be made available.

The writer planned to make her trip in the fall, which raised some logistical problems in that many of the attractions that should be included in her itinerary would already be closed for the season. NMC personally contacted owners/managers and in many cases these places opened especially for Yolen-Cohen.


NMC’s attention to detail and diligence in preparing such a comprehensive itinerary paid off — the trip was a resounding success. With 19+ online articles, more than 50,000,000 impressions and a total media value of $11,810,636+, Yolen-Cohen’s articles gave tremendous visibility to these parts of the state and value to the Maine Office of Tourism.

Here are some of the results, including five on, that were picked up by several other websites.

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