Organizational Identity Campaign

The Clay Center for Young Healthy Minds


  • Raise awareness about The Clay Center for Young Healthy Minds at Massachusetts General Hospital ( as a national online resource for information about mental health by increasing website traffic by at least 20% over 12 months.
  • Secure at least 75 million media impressions and achieve a minimum of 100 media results
  • Ensure consistent use of branding in all internal and external communications.

Situation Analysis:
Nancy Marshall Communications (NMC) has been working with The Clay Center for Young Healthy Minds at Massachusetts General Hospital since December 2014. Since the Clay Center was established in 2013, very little brand marketing had been done. With a goal of becoming a nationally recognized online resource, The Clay Center’s team of three doctors and their communications director contracted with NMC to develop and implement a customized and comprehensive public relations and marketing strategy known as The Marshall Plan®. The organizational identity campaign, focused on building awareness of The Clay Center website as the go-to resource for mental health — along with defined methods and tactics — was one element of the final 200-plus-page Marshall Plan®. The campaign’s target audience included parents, families, educators, and media and health care professionals. 


  • Research: To make sure we could measure the success of the organizational identity efforts, NMC worked with The Clay Center to research and benchmark their website statistics and media results from the previous year prior to starting the organizational identity efforts.
  • Branding: NMC created a brand style guide that helped create consistency in brand voice and use of the logo, consistency that has been critical to strengthening the nonprofit’s brand identity. NMC also helped The Clay Center rebrand their monthly podcast “Shrinking it Down,” and its YouTube channel which is now called Clay Center TV. Brand recognition on the internet was also critical. NMC helped improve search engine optimization (SEO) for “The Clay Center,” and reduce confusion with another Clay Center — a major arts venue in West Virginia. To increase the online presence for people that might type in The Clay Center to a web browser, NMC worked extensively on a website SEO strategy and an instructional guide for Clay Center staff to follow when producing articles in-house.
  • Media relations: In 2015, NMC helped create an official Clay Center media room with specific profiles of each doctor for the media. NMC also used the agenda-setting theory to distribute press releases and made more than 200 pitches to local and national media about dozens of topics that the doctors have written about. NMC then created a system for real-time tracking and monitoring of media pitches and results.
  • Publicity and special events: NMC helped the doctors at The Clay Center present their brand at national conferences, board meetings and fundraising opportunities by creating a fully branded PowerPoint. NMC also helped host two live Twitter chats on The Clay Center’s Twitter account using the hashtag #ClayCtrChat: one in September 2015 to coincide with World Suicide Awareness Day, and the other in October 2015 for National Mental Health Awareness Day.
  • External communications: In order to attract attention from other health-related associations and open the door for new partnerships, NMC worked to ensure consistency in describing The Clay Center and its doctors by creating message map. NMC also created a social media strategy that increased engagement and followers on a number of social media networks, and created an e-newsletter as a way for target audiences to stay connected.
  • Evaluation: Since the beginning of the implementation, NMC has provided monthly reports, including media results so the nonprofit can continue to review the media coverage, metrics and recommendations.


  • Traffic to The Clay Center website was up 400% from the previous year and total page views were up 300%
  • NMC far exceeded the goal of 75 million media impressions by earning 99,815,531 impressions
  • The Clay Center has been covered by top-tier media including Huffington Post, Psychology Today, The Boston Globe, CommonHealth,, FOX 25 (Boston), New England Cable News, WBUR (NPR Radio), Miami Herald, New York Times T Brand Studio, FOX News (New York), and; total readership provided by TrendKite from all media results was 323,062,809. 
  • The Clay Center doctors made more than 100 presentations about mental health topics at local, national and international conferences and events
  • Dr. Gene Beresin, executive director of The Clay Center, was selected to be the senior advisor on child and adolescent psychiatry for Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD). The Clay Center partnered with Addiction Free Futures Project and separately with Boston Mayor Martin Walsh to raise awareness about drug addiction.
  • In June 2016, The Clay Center’s Facebook page reached a new record of more than 17,000 impressions. For the year, The Clay Center had 4,249 shares across all social media.
  • The Clay Center has increased their e-newsletter contact list by 89% since July 2015. The number of likes for The Clay Center Facebook page increased by 51% from the previous year and Twitter followers increased by 67%.